LA Metro Hotspots


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) 


In Collaboration with;

City of La Mirada


City of Santa Fe Springs


Gateway Cities Council of Governments



La Mirada and Santa Fe Springs, CA

I-605 Arterial Hotspots in the Cities of La Mirada and

Santa Fe Springs 

APP provided professional engineering services to complete the PS&E for two intersection improvement projects, which are a part of the SR-91/I-605/I-405 Corridors Hot Spots Program led by LA Metro in collaboration with the Cities of La Mirada and Santa Fe Springs and the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. The intersection improvements are at two Valley View Avenue locations, Alondra Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue. Upon completion of the final PS&E, it is the intention of LA Metro to move forward with the right-of-way and construction phases. The improvements proposed for the Valley View Avenue and Alondra Boulevard intersection include modification to raised medians, street widening on the south side of the street and restriping Alondra Boulevard to provide dual left-turn pockets, two through lanes, and a through plus right-turn lane in the westbound and eastbound direction. At Valley View Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue, improvements include restriping Rosecrans to provide a right-turn lane, two through lanes and a left-turn lane in both the eastbound and westbound directions.


Improvements include such changes for better traffic flow as street widening, reconfigured turn lanes and modifications to medians.  In finalizing the plans, the APP team is addressing such issues as private property impacts, utility relocations and the project’s potential effects on drainage patterns.

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